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It all began over 20 years ago in 1992 when we first opened our barn doors for business. The goal was and is to educate African American inner-city children about a different way of life.

This ranch may inspire one to become a vet, horse trainer, horse shoer...or just appreciate the beauty in animals and nature.

Our family consists of Stanley and Donna Robinson along with their two daughters, Kamaria and Azziza. Stanley hails from Harlem in New Yoek City, and works as an occupational therapist. Donna is from the inner city of Chicago, and works as an instrumental music teacher.

Stan and Donna's first date was at a Thyrl Latting Rodeo! While dating, one day Stan and Donna were driving down Lake Shore Drive and almost crashed when they spotted hundreds of Black Cowboys riding down the Lakefront! After meeting some of the cowboys, they turned out to be real friendly folk and introduced Stan and Donna to the world of horses.

One day they were riding horses in Washington Park and were amazed at the level of interest and excitement of the park-goers. This gave them the idea of bringing the wonder of horses to inner-city children. One thing lead to another, and after riding lessons, classes, seminars, and learning from other cowboys, they purchased their first horse.

That lead us to becoming the owners of Silver Stallion Ranch, a Dude Ranch for Kids.



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