A Baby Story

Chapter Two: Growing Up

  The Paint mama was my best friend. She was considered un-trainable, like her mate, until I applied Parelli’s techniques, only to find the horse was scared to death! Once she found that I was not a threat, she began to relax, which led to more and more advanced training and even tricks.


We would ride across the countryside with no saddle, bit, or bridle. Up and down hills, through tall grass, over logs, through mud and small streams. Usually I was scared to death of falling, however, because she took care of me, I gained confidence in my bareback riding and we became one.


The Mustang mama was new to the barn. She had a massive chest, a massive rear end, and a very skeptical mind. Because of this skepticism, she taught her baby to look out for me and run whenever he saw me. Matter of fact, the mother would often block me from getting close to the baby, although she never became aggressive.

The Tennessee Walker mama was seldom ridden by her owner, however, he often came to see her and bring her treats. So, her relationship with humans was pretty friendly, although not particularly respectful. She would drag the owner around by the lead line and dance around when being saddled.

My own relationship with the Walker was solely as a caretaker.

To be continued…

What grass again???
Where's Mama?
First meeting of Tango and Sashe.

A Baby's-Eye view.


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